Solar Mini Grids Put Nigeria on Path to Energy for All by 2030

By  SUNITA CHIKKATUR DUBEY for The World Bank Who would have imagined an internship with an oil company in the Niger Delta could lead to a solar startup? For Ifeanyi Orajaka, Chuka Eze and [...]


Audi Turns To Hanergy For Solar Cell Vehicle Roofs

From Lithium News Audi has announced a joint development project with Alta Devices, a subsidiary of Chinese solar-cell specialist, Hanergy, on a solar roof. The first step will be to integrate [...]

Puerto Rico must find a way to reduce harmful emissions after EPA identifies the sources

Wind, solar, and battery storage resources offer practical solutions. By Mark Hand for Think Progress In the weeks after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico and destroyed the island’s entire [...]

All short-haul flights from Norway could be electric by 2040

By Sami Grover for TreeHugger When the heck did electric commercial flight become a realistic prospect?! Whether it was low cost carrier EasyJet planning electric passenger flights within a [...]

Hanergy Thin Film Exhibits Innovations at World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates, Jan. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — From January 15 to 18, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group (“Hanergy Thin Film”; HKSE stock code: 566) showcased a wide [...]


Babcock Ranch: Inside America’s first solar-powered town

From CBS Families are starting to move into what is being called America’s first solar-powered town. Babcock Ranch, about half an hour northeast of Fort Myers, Florida, is supposed to [...]


These solar sails are powering a cruise ship

by Desirée Kaplan for World Economic Forum The cruise ship industry is at an all-time high with millions of passengers booking trips every year, but is it a sustainable way to travel? According [...]


‘Battery’ that bottles sunshine could bring a new solar revolution

A plastic-like material may do for solar power what high-performance electrical batteries have done for iPhones and Tesla cars. By Corey S. Powell  for NBC Solar energy is clean, abundant, and [...]


This is How Wind and Solar Energy Will Crush Fossil Fuels

Wind and solar energy can’t make fossil fuels obsolete by themselves, but they can with the help of cheap energy storage. by Travis Hoium (TMFFlushDraw) for The Motley Fool Wind and solar [...]


The Perfect Solar Power Solution – Integrating technology without compromising aesthetics

By Simone du Boise for Metal Architecture Magazine Unobtrusive, reliable, economically viable and high-performance technology is key to acceptance. Utilizing truly thin, MiaSolé photovoltaics [...]

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