Solar Anywhere. Solar Everywhere.
MiaSolé is the leader in flexible, lightweight, powerful solar, pioneering the shift from rigid solar panels and all their limitations to flexible solar and all of its possibilities
The World’s Most Powerful Solar Panel
MiaSolé FLEX-03W delivers up to 530 Watts in a single solar module
Unlimited Unique Applications
Flexible, thin, lightweight solar cell architecture allows module to conform to curved and other structures, allowing for endless possibilities.
Off-Grid Applications
Integrate MiaSolé thin, powerful, lightweight, flexible cells into a myriad of off-grid applications, from military to recreational vehicles to compact consumer devices
Metal Roofing Applications
MiaSolé lightweight, flexible modules retain the aesthetic appeal of the roof, provide superior wind resistance and seismic resilience, and don’t require additional structural support
Commercial Roofing Applications
MiaSolé modules provide the maximum power possible in a lightweight flexible format. Peel-and-Stick application eliminates roof penetrations, reducing the risk of leaks

MiaSolé is a producer of lightweight, flexible and powerful solar cells and cell manufacturing equipment. The innovative solar cell is based on the highest efficiency thin film technology available today, and its flexible cell architecture makes it ideal for a wide variety of solutions ranging from commercial roofing solar panels to portable mobile devices. MiaSolé’s turnkey CIGS equipment lines, CIGS process equipment technology, proprietary CIG target manufacturing, R&D support and spare parts allow customers to produce their own high-efficiency cells.


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Why Flexible Solar?

Flexible Modules vs. Polysilicon

Flexible Module



  • Can fit around curved structures
  • Can be integrated into materials

  • Not bendable
  • Requires racking to install

  • No retrofitting required
  • Can be used in applications such as consumer goods where weight is a concern

  • Roofs require reinforcement to support weight

  • Won’t break / Resistant to vandalism
  • No risk of microcracks to cells

  • Can shatter
  • Cells can develop microcracks
Bonded Directly to Surface

  • Lower installation costs
  • Resistant to theft
Requires Mounting Hardware

  • Drives up installation costs
  • Subject to theft
Thin —2mm – 3mm

  • Unobtrusive
  • Superior wind resistance
Thick —40mm – 50mm

  • Visible
  • Subject to wind uplift
Aesthetically Pleasing

  • Uniform “black-tie” appearance
  • Dark interconnect wires

  • Checkerboard appearance
  • Bulky paneling does not conform to the roof

  • 360W form factor for large TPO installations
  • More watts per KG
Not as powerful

  • Traditional 60-cell house module 260 – 290 watts
  • Utility sized 72-cell field module is only 290—310W

  • FLEX modules are lightweight – won’t injure people or property in high wind or earthquake
  • No cell degradation at high voltage
  • No grounding wires to corrode

Dangerous in environmental emergencies

  • Metal racks + box modules can damage people and property in an earthquake
  • Metal racks + box modules hazardous in the event of wind pull-off
MiaSolé Performance

FLEX Product Comparison

MiaSolé FLEX Module Poly Si
Efficiency 16.5%* 16%
BOS costs ($/watt) 81%† 100%
Weight (kg/m²) 2.5 11.36
Thickness (mm) 2.5 35
Flexible? Yes No
Unbreakable Yes No

* Aperture efficiency
†The BOS costs are based on a typical US installation, shown as a percentage of C-Si total installation costs

How do we do it?

MiaSolé second-generation CIGS thin film, already in mass production, provides unparalleled thin-film cell efficiency at 16-17% and rising.  MiaSolé solar cells produce the world’s most lightweight UL certified solar module package.  Weighing in at a mere 0.7 lb / sqft, comprised of the most advanced PV laminate materials available and with a 25-year power warranty, they stand alone in a crowded field of heavy and brittle competitors.

MiaSolé begins with high-grade stainless steel foil and a physical vapor deposition processes to produce the most controlled, stable, and powerful flexible stainless steel CIGS cell in the world.  After the cell structure is deposited on the foil, special transparent conductive oxides are applied and then a very specialized plastic-cell interconnect mesh-wire system is laminated to the cell, which is in turn protected by special solar barrier plastics.  The transparent solar barrier is key to the longevity and high efficiency of the MiaSolé FLEX module series.  The special plastic backsheet has an internal aluminum film to prevent all water transmission or other contaminates from eroding the powerful stainless steel CIGS cells.

In the end our technology enables the world’s only real solution for lightweight, thin, certified, and highly powerful solar for many applications.

Efficiency of MiaSolé solar cell:


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