Turnkey Factory Equipment

MiaSolé provides equipment and services for solar thin-film cell and module manufacturing

Turnkey Factory Equipment

MiaSolé builds and sells turnkey production lines for the manufacturing of CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium  Selenide) thin-film solar cells and modules. The front end workcell is where the MiaSolé high-efficiency solar cells are manufactured using equipment such as roll coater and sheet-to-cell feeder and cell laminator. MiaSolé front end workcell  is the most efficient continuous “Roll to Cell” process.  The back end workcell is where the solar cells are assembled into standard and customized solar modules using equipment such as cell layup robot machines, bus bar stations and module laminators.  MiaSolé also provides test equipment to ensure the quality of the modules.

Our factories range in capacity from an annual output of 30 MW of up to an annual output of 300 MW.

Consulting Services

From Design to Training, we’re here to help


From design to construction, shipment and installation, and production and training, MiaSolé is there to make sure your project runs smoothly and successfully. Our experienced engineers and trainers are available to travel to your factory to ensure the equipment is installed correctly and your people are competently trained and ready to start producing solar power. We are also available to help with upgrades and troubleshooting should any problems occur.


Spares Management

Keep Your Factory Running with Spares Management


MiaSolé can help with your equipment maintenance through our spares management program. We help you manage the parts lifecycle and ensure that you always have the part you need to keep your equipment running in top condition.

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