In Solar Buzz

By Eric Holdeman

Just yesterday I had a conversation with Anil Vijayendran, a sales rep with MiaSole, a company that makes solar panels that can be used in a variety of solutions. One of those solutions is highly portable solar panels that can be rolled up or backpacked to remote locations to provide electrical power for all your digital connection needs. I think it is a great solution at a price point ($2,500) that is workable for a number of organizations. Check them out!

Solar Disaster ReliefThe above conversation got me thinking about emergency operations centers (EOC) and applications there for solar power. Today, I’d advocate to adding a solar array to your facility. It will help with day-to-day power needs and when commercial power is lost be a backup to your electrical generators that have liquid or natural gas/diesel fuels. It could be possible that in a worst-case disaster, even with a high-priority need, you might not be able to get refueled at your facility. Having that solar will give you the basics to communicate, etc.

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