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Pop-up tents are designed to spring into shape in a matter of seconds, sparing you the tedious task of setting up that goes against the camping spirit of escaping work. Cinch has now pitched the fourth generation of its solar-powered pop-up tents, refreshing the existing line with new features like integrated smart LED lighting and introducing the Cinch Pod, a portable “living room” that can connect several tents together.

Cinch first popped up in 2015 and since then we’ve seen the tents get roomier and smarter. Like their predecessors, the 2018 tents come in the usual two-, three- and four-person models, which can be unfurled in seconds and packed up in a minute and a half. For modern campers who don’t want to completely disconnect, a solar panel and battery pack can squeeze all the juice you need from the Sun, recharging devices and powering the included LED lanterns.

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