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By Mike Brown for Inverse

Powerwall is helping to harness a new generation of renewable energy. On Friday, CEO Elon Musk shared statistics from Twitter user Israel Melendez, whose solar setup in Manatí, Puerto Rico, has already taken his house, office and workshop completely off-grid — even with energy to spare.

Melendez shared screenshots from the Tesla app for the Powerwall, a battery the company sells that stores solar energy for use around the clock. He has 55 standard 220-watt panels set up to form a 12-kilowatt array, paired with three Powerwall 2 batteries that store around 14 kilowatt-hours each. This setup is enough to achieve full energy independence: in one day his roof generated 68 kilowatt-hours, while he only used 25.8 kilowatt-hours resulting in 42 kilowatt-hours of surplus energy. By his calculations, that’s enough to power a Tesla Model 3 for 175 miles with 56 percent battery.

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