Landfills are located on large, open areas with no commercial or agriculture use or value—perfect for solar installations. Closing and sealing landfills with a synthetic TPO membrane cover reduces costs compared to conventional standard subtitle D methods, and flexible solar modules then can be bonded directly to the membrane cover, providing power generation capability.

Landfill membrane covers and flexible modules are a perfect combination for sloped landfill sites where conventional solar arrays cannot be installed due to slope and live-load limitations. Landfills provide large power-generation area and fewer shading issues when compared to rooftop solar, and adding solar modules to landfill covers is an excellent complement to landfill gas technology to increase overall energy output.

MiaSolé FLEX modules provide the following benefits when used on landfill covers:

  • Easy to install—simply peel-and-stick module onto the membrane used to contain, cover and close the landfill
  • Non-penetration installation protects the environment
  • Flexible—conforms to the contours of the landfill and accommodates differential settlement
  • Resistant to theft and vandalism
  • Wind- and seismic-resistant
  • Shatter-proof—won’t break if struck by debris

Additional Information:

Brochure: Lightweight Solar Modules for Landfill Covers – English
Brochure: Lightweight Solar Modules for Landfill Covers – Japanese

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