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by Joseph Bebon for Solar Industry


U.S. nonprofit solar installer GRID Alternatives has announced a major solar panel donation from Tesla that will support solar power for an estimated 150 low-income households across the country. The 569 kW of donated equipment will also unlock 15,000 hours of hands-on job training through GRID’s unique community participation model, according to the nonprofit.

grid alternatives“Solar power has so many benefits for disadvantaged communities. It reduces pollution, helps financially strapped families live more affordably in their homes and provides career opportunities for people who need good jobs,” says Erica Mackie, CEO and co-founder of GRID Alternatives. “Achieving a transition to clean energy takes all of us, and we’re grateful for Tesla’s contribution to this work.”

The donation will help expand access to clean energy, supporting GRID’s mission to make solar accessible in communities that need the energy savings the most, yet have the least access. In addition to the philanthropic partnership, GRID says it also works with Tesla to connect participants in the group’s installation training programs to job openings at the company.

The solar panel donation was recently announced at the installation of a 2.6 kW array on the home of Naomi Green in Paramount, Calif. Trainees from Homeboy Industries, a nonprofit that provides hope, training, and support to formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated men and women, participated in the installation.

Notably, GRID receives donations from several other major solar panel makers and equipment suppliers to further its mission across the country.

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