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DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania, July 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Hanergy Thin-Film Power Group, a pioneering multinational clean energy company, launched the “Lighting Africa” project at its first stop Tanzania on July 18 [th] together with China Foundation for Peace and Development and Tanzania-China Friendship Association by promising to donate the first 100 Humbrellas this October.

“Lighting Africa” is a philanthropic project initiated by Hanergy and joined by China Foundation for Peace and Development this April in Beijing, aiming to provide environmental-friendly lighting devices to African children to improve their reading time and help the electricity deprived populations in Africa.

The event had a fully lit Humbrella demonstration that was witnessed by: Minister of International Department of Communist Party of China, Song Tao, President of Tanzania China Friendship Association, Hon. Dr. Salim.A.Salim, Hanergy Kenya Sales Directors Li Chuan and Zhang Xu, and over 700 local residents from Kagera Region along with teachers and pupils from the Oysterbay Primary School in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) reports that there are 880 million people who are living with insufficient electricity, power shortages have become an important factor that restricts the development of Africa.

Minister Song Tao said, “We hope more NGOs, enterprises, and individuals can join the cause of building a prosperous Tanzania, making the people’s lives better.”

“We hope ‘Lighting Africa’ Project will be a successful program at its first stop in Tanzania,” added Minister Song.

Donating the Humbrella, a path-breaking product from Hanergy, Mr. Li Chuan, Hanergy Kenya, Country Sales Director, said “At Hanergy, we’re steadfast to ensure the all-round development of Africa. We’re confident that the Humbrella will surely light up the lives of African children and facilitate the fast-paced development of Africa. Today’s step to donate Humbrella to Tanzania is a testimony of our commitment to helping the underdeveloped regions of Africa facing power shortages.”

“This is just the beginning of Hanergy’s philanthropy in Africa. We’re poised to bring more Humbrellas to Africa,” he added.

Humbrella is a new thin-film solar product developed by Hanergy. Weighing only 8.8 kilograms and a diameter of 2.7 meters, Humbrella is covered with thin-film solar panels, which is available for power generation on both sunny and cloudy days.

Equipped with integrated functions of off-grid power supply, electricity storage, night lighting and terminal charging, the newly unveiled product is expected to store as much as 40000 mAh, ensuring a 10-hour high-quality reading time for children, or charging more than ten 3000mAh smartphones.

About Hanergy

Hanergy, the world’s largest clean energy company, has a comprehensive clean energy solution, covering hydro-power, wind-power, and solar power. Since 2009, Hanergy has focused on thin-film solar power research and development, and is launching a series of products including solar roof tiles, foldable solar-paper power bank, solar backpack, building integrated photovoltaics, solar roads and many others. With a worldwide staff of more than 16,000, Hanergy is devoted to providing the world a clean energy solution for a better life and sustainable world.

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