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From PV Europe

HanWall is Hanergy’s newest development in the building-integrated PV segment, going well beyond simple installation of rooftop solar panels and making power generating capability an integral part of the fabric of a building, the firm says.

Equipped with CIGS solar cell technology, every 1,000 square meters of HanWall incorporated in the south facade of a building in Beijing can generate 326 kilowatts of electricity per day. As of today, over 700 patent applications have been filed for HanWall. Quality certifications including China Compulsory Certification have been issued or are in the process of being approved by authorities from China and 6 other countries and regions.

Hanergy will partner with architects, KOLs and LEED consultants to form a commission, LEED Green Building and Renewable Energy Commission, to identify buildings which either have the LEED certification or are applying for it, to propose the benefits of using BIPV products like HanWall and to provide selected buildings with HanWall solutions for free or at a discounted price.

The thin film producer intends to make buildings themselves ambassadors for renewable energy and consequently, accelerate the process of putting to practice the use of renewable energy in green buildings globally. According to Hanergy HanWall will be available in four different colors and various sizes.

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