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By Megan Treacy for Treehugger

Since the Fukushima disaster, Japan has focused on steering away from nuclear power and toward renewable energy generation, but an obstacle to that has been finding open land that can be used for solar or wind power because much of it is needed for agriculture.

solar mushroomsThe solution, of course, is to combine the two. A new solar project will see solar power generation mixed with mushroom farming. The project by Sustainergy and Hitachi Capital will have a capacity of 4,000 kW where cloud-eared mushrooms are grown underneath the panels because they require so little sunlight.

The project will be split between two farms in Miyagi Prefecture in northeastern Japan and will yield 40 tons of mushrooms a year. The facilities should be completed and go online at the end of the month and will be the largest dual use project so far in the country.

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