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On March 16th, 2019,  the flexible distributed roof project of Siemens China Headquarters in Wangjing, Beijing, was officially completed. The 32.2KW Hanergy MiaSolé flexible membrane module was installed.

Compared to the common crystalline silicon distributed roof, Hanergy Miasole flexible film modules are lightweight, ultra-thin, and bendable, allowing them to be directly bonded to light loads and curved roofs, reducing installation costs. Hanergy Miasole flexible film module not only has weak performance in low-light power generation, but also has a significantly higher power generation than crystalline silicon components in the case of low solar irradiance, such as morning, evening and rainy days, and has significant heat resistance to shadow occlusion. Spot effect, maintenance-free state, can effectively avoid component failure. In addition, the Hanergy Miasole flexible film module has a small temperature coefficient and is installed on the roof, especially when the installation angle is small and the component heat dissipation conditions are limited, there will be more excellent power output characteristics.

As the company’s roof distributed transformation demonstration project, it is also the company’s first flexible distributed roof renovation project. Siemens is very strict in the choice of partners. According to Liang Guangyu, the three sales center of Hanergy Group’s domestic sales headquarters, Siemens selected Hanergy as a partner of the flexible distributed roof renovation project, based on the recognition of Hanergy in the field of thin-film solar energy, and Affirmation of the performance of Miasole flexible film components.

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