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FLEX Modules Installed on Shanghai Lingang Songjiang Science and Technology City Withstand Hurricane Without Damage

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – August 29, 2019 – MiaSolé Hi-Tech Corp., the leading manufacturer of lightweight, flexible, thin-film photovoltaic solar modules, and a subsidiary of Hanergy Thin Film Power Group, has further proof that multiple groundbreaking efforts to improve its solar module design for extreme conditions have succeeded. In early August 2019, Typhoon Lekima struck nine provinces in China, affecting more than 11 million people and causing more than $5.7 billion (RMB 40.8 billion) in losses. During the typhoon, many traditional glass photovoltaic power stations sustained significant damage, as the wind blew them off of roofs and onto streets, where they damaged cars and other property. In contrast, the Rafael Gallery, a 1.5-kilometer sky bridge topped with thin, lightweight, MiaSolé FLEX modules that stretches across the top of over 20 skyscrapers, survived intact.

High-performing MiaSolé CIGS thin-film solar modules combine shingled flexible solar cells, reverse bias protection diodes, and a polymeric flexible front sheet to produce industry-leading durability. MiaSolé FLEX modules withstand natural disasters such as hail, rain, and snow, as well as various types of penetrating damage.

Rafael Gallery with MiaSole FLEX modules after Typhoon Lekima

“Once again, the MiaSolé FLEX module has demonstrated its superior resilience and resistance to natural disasters,” said Mike Ma, Vice President of Global Business Development, Sales and Marketing at MiaSolé. “Silicon modules installed on nearby buildings not only were damaged in the typhoon but became dangerous projectiles in the high winds. The MiaSolé module’s low profile, flexibility, and shatter resistance makes its advantage over silicon solar panels obvious for locations subject to typhoons, hurricanes, and other natural disasters.”

MiaSolé’s latest generation FLEX-03W solar modules are the highest-efficiency thin-film solar technology on the market today. With production efficiency over 17% and configurations in various sizes, this solution can fit any application. Flexible and only 1.5mm thick, MiaSolé modules can adhere directly to any surface with peel-and-stick adhesive. MiaSolé’s proprietary technology creates flexible solar modules for unlimited applications in the building, transportation, and portable solar markets.

About MiaSolé

MiaSolé is a producer of lightweight, flexible, shatterproof and powerful solar cells and cell manufacturing equipment. The innovative solar cell is based on the highest efficiency thin-film technology available today, and its flexible cell architecture makes it ideal for a wide variety of solutions ranging from commercial roofing solar modules to flexible mobile energy devices. MiaSolé’s turnkey CIGS equipment lines, CIGS process equipment technology, proprietary CIG target manufacturing, R&D product development support, and spare parts allow customers to produce their own high-efficiency cells and solar products. Founded in 2004, MiaSolé has evolved into the world leader in thin-film solar module efficiency. For more information on MiaSolé, please visit

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