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Bike sharing is very popular in China. Mobike, a bike sharing company, asks users to imagine a world where you can pick up and leave a bike at your convenience. The company provides a bike sharing service Mobike2Smallto fulfill urban short trips – anytime, to any legal parking destination – by combining innovation and today’s IoT (Internet of Things) technology. Mobike provides an affordable means of shared transportation for convenient short urban trips while reducing congestion, and a city’s carbon footprint.

But Mobike had a problem. Their system requires that each bike be equipped with a GPS tracker, and these trackers are mmexport1496710700231powered by a small solar module. But the silicon modules that they were using were breaking under use, rendering the GPS inoperable and requiring frequent replacement. Enter MiaSolé. Our powerful solar module is thin, lightweight and most importantly shatterproof. By using MiaSolé custom modules, the company is able to track their bicycles and reduce maintenance costs. Mobike is expanding rapidly, recently extending service to its 100th location and first in a non-Asian country: Manchester England. Soon you may be able to find a Mobike for rent near you!

Read more about the company here.

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