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Solar has highest level of public support in Europe finds new European Social Survey  

A new European Social Survey (ESS) on ‘European Attitudes toward Climate Change and Energy‘ found that solar power has the highest level of support in Europe, with 89% of Germans 85% of Italians and 85% of French saying it was their preference.

Aurélie Beauvais, Policy Director of SolarPower Europe said: “Solar is the energy choice of Europeans. Nine out of ten people believe that solar is the best technology to affordably address climate change and ultimately help reach the EU’s 2050 decarbonisation goal.”

Beauvais added: “Solar is the most democratic and decentralised form of energy. The beauty of solar is that anyone, anywhere can install it on their residence, school, hospital or business. That is why it is crucial that the EU get the upcoming Electricity Market Design Directive right for small-scale solar players. A market design fit for small solar installations will ensure that European citizens can continue to take an active part in the energy transition.”

Kristina Thoring, Communications Director at SolarPower Europe said: “Solar power has massive appeal in Europe because of its unique capability to power all aspects of life, from your home or apartment, your food to your car. Solar is empowering millions of European citizens and communities – that is why we can say that we are all Generation Solar.”

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