MiaSolé is Solar Made Simple!

Expand your solar roofing business with MiaSolé FLEX thin and lightweight solar modules. MiaSolé FLEX modules allows installations on new and existing structures with weight, wind and seismic limitations such as carports and low slope and curved commercial roofs. The peel-n-stick FLEX modules make solar installation simple, reducing logistic and labor costs while speeding up installation time for better profit margins. And with efficiencies of + 16%, the power generated rivals that of traditional rigid glass panels.

Following are benefits of the MiaSolé FLEX solar module:

  • Lightweight (less than 0.6 lb/ft ) – Perfect for roofs with load limitations
  • Flexible – conforms to curved surfaces
  • Provides excellent power generation – 16% efficiency
  • Bonds to TPO and metal roofs right out-of-the-box with factory-applied adhesive
  • Provides excellent resistance to wind and seismic events
  • No need for ballasted racks or roof penetrations

In contrast, conventional solar systems are intrusive and complex to install:

  • Racking systems include a lot of parts and pieces, increasing complexity and cost
  • Heavy crystalline panels may require expensive roof and structure reinforcement
  • Solar racking requires heavy ballast or multiple roof penetrations, increasing the risk of leaks

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MiaSolé Hi-Tech Corp.
2590 Walsh Ave
Santa Clara, California 95051 USA
Email: info@miasole.com
Phone: +1 408-919-5700

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