MiaSolé lightweight, flexible and powerful solar modules allow you to put solar energy generation everywhere. Our FLEX series high performance thin-film solar modules provide an excellent solar solution for TPO and metal roofs, curved structures and carports, to give a few examples. These modules can be directly bonded to many surfaces, easing installation and eliminating the need for solar racking. This  reduces weight load, significantly lowers project costs and allows for an enhanced appearance and installation on unique structures.

The heart of the FLEX module is the MiaSolé solar cell. 
The MiaSolé cell is produced by depositing the CIGS film on a thin stainless steel sheet. The sheet is then cut into cell form, covered with the Ultrawire interconnect, and tested. The result is the most unique cell architecture in the industry.

Not only is it the highest efficiency thin film cell, it is lightweight, flexible, low cost, and the shape can be modified to fit any form factor. These characteristics enable a number of product applications that standard silicon panels cannot offer.

SolarRide™ Transportation Solution
The SolarRide transporation solution is comprised of MiaSolé FLEX modules and a proprietary charge controller that ensures you receive the maximum benefit from your solar investment.

SolarRide auxiliary power allows you to:

  • Reduce Fuel Consumption. Use solar energy instead of gas to power auxiliary systems
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs. Running the truck engine less results in decreased intervals for scheduled maintenance.
  • Reduce Emmissions. Using clean solar power instead of fuel reduces emissions to help truckers comply with environmental regulations
  • Provide Stand-by Power. Use solar energy for stand-by power without running the engine.
  • Provide Power to Truck De-icing Systems. De-ice the truck with solar energy instead of fuel
  • Off-load Alternator Loads. Use solar power to provide off-load electrical power

The MiaSolé charge controller ensures that all of the power generated by the solar modules is utilized and provides overcharge and undercharge protection. Key features:

  • When the truck engine is on, the charge controller prioritizes solar power over alternator power
  • When the engine is off, solar power charges the vehicle battery(s)
  • SolarRide charge controller reliably manages power delivery of multiple sources

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