MiaSolé is solar made simple for metal roofs. Our FLEX series high-performance thin-film solar modules are lightweight, flexible and powerful. These modules can be directly bonded to metal roof systems using simple peel-and-stick technology—easing installation and eliminating the need for solar racking, which reduces weight load and significantly lowers project costs.

For metal roofs, the FLEX-02N PV modules can be installed over a wide range of standard architectural metal roof panels, including flat panel pans ranging from 16 to 36 inches wide.

MiaSolé FLEX-02N modules simplify project logistics and reduce labor costs and installation times. The final installed solar solution is lightweight, making it ideal for low-weight-bearing building structures.In addition, the flexible module can conform to curved structures, expanding the range of surfaces suitable for solar installations.

Additional Information:

Brochure: FLEX-02 for Metal Roofs
Case Study: BlueCoat—FLEX on Metal Roof

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