Solar power is one of the fastest growing and most promising clean energy sources with almost 70GW of world wide installations forecast in 2016. MiaSole’s Next Generation Flexible technology delivers significantly higher levels of efficiency (up to 17% efficient – twice as efficient than previous flexible, thin-film, solar technology) in a flexible, thin, ultra-lightweight form factor (4x lighter than traditional rigid  solar panels).

MiaSolé’s Next Generation Flexible solar technology product can be installed in any location, anywhere the sun shines, on and off the grid – even in places where it previously was not possible to install solar, with an energy payback of less than half a year.

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No longer are solar installations limited to rigid glass panels that could only be installed in certain conditions based on the type of structure or roofing of the building. MiaSolé’s ultra-light, high-efficiency flexible solar product will open up new markets, create new applications, and enable new product design possibilities for manufacturers to integrate solar solutions into their products.

MiaSole FLEX modules provide the following benefits:

  • Provide excellent power generation – up to 17% efficiency
  • Bond directly to the roof surface for a streamlined look
  • Flexible to conform to curved surfaces
  • Do not require unsightly racking or additional parts and pieces
  • Bond to membrane surfaces (roofs, landfill covers, reservoir covers, etc.) and metal roofs right out-of-the-box with pre-installed adhesive strips
  • Provide excellent resistance to wind and seismic events
  • No need for ballast or surface penetrations

In contrast, conventional solar systems are intrusive and complex to install:

  • Racking systems include a lot of parts and pieces and can be difficult to install
  • Rigid solar panels on racks limit the uses of solar
  • Conventional solar panels may require heavy ballast or multiple penetrations, increasing the risk of leaks

Please contact Steve Flanders if you have any questions or require additional information.

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