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Miami, Florida – June 24, 2021 – The ArteZanos Flexible Solar PV (Miami-Dade NOA# 21-0315.05 Exp.06/24/26) is currently the only Miami-Dade NOA Approved Solar Photovoltaic Panel. The Miami-Dade NOA establishes compliance with the most stringent requirements of the Florida Building Code to facilitate the permitting, installation, and inspection process. Miami-Dade maintains the highest standard of product approval provisions in the country and internationally. The Miami-Dade NOA has been recognized and accepted in Hawaii, Japna, South America, Guam, and the Caribbean.

ArteZanos Flexible Solar PV gives you a choice between two different types of cutting-edge flexible light-weight CIGS or Mono c-Si adhesive applied solar technologies in multiple dimensions. These high-efficiency solar panels are elegant and designed to adhere to different roofing substrates with incredible wind uplift resistance and high impact resistance, eliminating the heavy glass and traditional racking systems associated with invasive penetrations to the roof.

ArteZanos Flexible Solar PV panels can also be integrated with ArteZanos Hybrid Roofing Systems (Miami-Dade NOA# 20-0908.03 (Exp.05/14/23) by Roofing Contractors per Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board (Declatory-Statement 2011-60), so long as a licensed electrician completes the permitted wiring and grid connection. The ArteZanos Flexible Solar PV can also be applied to new and existing 16″ Standing Seam metal roofing, transforming almost any Miami-Dade NOA Approved structural or non-structural metal roof into a “Solar Roof”. There are currently over 804 Miami-Dade Non-Structural Metal Roof NOA’s for people to choose from!

The patented ArteZanos Hybrid System is also Miami-Dade NOA Approved for use with ArteZanos “invisible”, solar thermal tubing (ArteZanos R.I.S.A. Cert. # 100572) certified by the Florida Solar Energy Center for domestic hot water use including pool heating. The new ArteZanos Flexible Solar PV can be combined with ArteZanos Solar Thermal R.I.S.A. to significantly leverage total solar output, generating electricity and / or domestic hot water. Both ArteZanos Flexible Solar PV and ArteZanos Solar Thermal DHW options qualify for a 26% federal solar tax credit on the total cost of a “Solar Roof” with no cap limitation (IRS Form 5695) until December 31, 2022.

The ArteZanos Hybrid System is the only true battle field tested “Solar Roof” mounting system that integrates photovoltaics and solar thermal renewables, with over a decade of installations in harsh environments across the U.S. and Caribbean. The ArteZanos Hybrid System design is tested Class “A” Fire Rated and is universal in that it can be used with any manufacturers’ profiled tile maximizing sustainable benefits. The ArteZanos Hybrid System is energy efficient, light weight and is Miami-Dade NOA Approved as as a recovery system to retro-fit less sustainable existing asphalt shingle roofs as long as they are 2001 and newer. The recovery of existing asphalt shingles is extremely significant because energy efficiency and resilience should be addressed before any type of solar integration. The recovery of asphalt shingle roofs with the ArteZanos Hybrid System lowers roofing costs, diverts asphalt shingle roof demolition from going to the landfill, increases wind resistance, energy efficiency and curb appeal. The ArteZanos Hybrid System pays for itself when integrated with solar renewables.

The ArteZanos Flexible Solar PV was developed in a collaboration between Florida-based ArteZanos, Inc. and California-based MiaSole Hi-Tech Corp., a total solution provider of rollable thin-film technology.

ArteZanos is recognized in the roofing industry and historical preservation circles for its authentic, high quality clay roof tile products and is now celebrating 30 years producing their own ArteZanos World Class Clay Barrel Tiles (Miami-Dade NOA# 15-0831.03 Exp.05/14/23). The inventor, Daniel Efrain Arguelles is the CEO of ArteZanos Inc., the President of Architecture Roofing Technology by CHUCULU L.L.C. and a Florida State Licensed Roofing Contractor with over 38 years’ experience. Mr. Arguelles is also recognized by 7 U.S. Utility Patents with over 100 claims on this technology including integrated biophilic vegetated green roof options to harmonize roofing with Mother Earth! Mr. Arguelles says: “Now is the best time to Re-Roof with integrated renewable energy! Now homeowners can have an aesthetic, sustainable, and high performance “Solar Roof”, even in Miami-Dade’s Hurricane Zone. Roofers? We need to get to work!”

For more information on ArteZanos roofing products, call 305.595.4577.

About ArteZanos

ArteZanos is a third-generation family owned and operated business dedicated to the production of high-quality traditional handmade clay products & the development of innovative roofing products. For more information about ArteZanos, please visti

About MiaSole

MiaSole Hi-Tech Corp. is a total solution provider of rollable thin film solar technology. MiaSole’s proprietary turnkey equipment lines, CIGS process technologies, CIG sputtering target technologies, advanced automation and spare parts services provide customers everything they need to produce their own innovative high-efficiency solar products. Founded in 2004, MiaSole has evolved into the world leader in thin-film solar module efficiency and offers the largest commercially available rollable shatterproof solar modules up to 540w/piece at weight 2.2 kg/sq.m. For more information on MiaSole, please visit

Patented ArteZanos Hybrid System with various ArteZanos CIGS Modules with Solar Thermal R.I.S.A.
Photo: Courtesy of Chris Porosky of All Phase Construction U.S.A., LLC Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Patented ArteZanos Solar Pan with Patented ArteZanos Solar Thermal R.I.S.A. (Roof Integrated Solar Absorber).
Photo: Courtesy of Chris Porosky of All Phase Construction U.S.A., LLC Deerfield Beach, Florida.

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