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Lyon, France – November 16, 2021 – SOLUTRANS is a biennial trade fair where innovation and information comes together at Lyon Eurexpo for the Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) industry. This year, Renault Trucks, a French commercial truck manufacturer, is incorporating world leading stainless steel-based CIGS flexible shatterproof photovoltaic technology from the solar sails of numerous American boats into the roofs of their trucks. Come join us at Booth 4D 104 from November 16-20 at SOLUTRANS!

Renault’s PV Roof Wind Deflector comes with a host of benefits:
• 300W electricity generation in an ultra thin package proven to be reliable in extreme weather and road conditions.
• Allows the truck to sustain the growing need for electricity on board: microwaves, tablets, kettles, refrigerators, etc.
• Increases battery life
• Charges the battery even when the vehicle motor is not running
• Can prevent empty battery troubleshooting

The original solar sail technology was developed through a collaboration between France-based SolarCloth and California-based MiaSole Hi-Tech Corp.

“Every car will need the ability to generate electricity by itself in the coming decades. Miasole’s high efficiency stainless steel-based PV technology is intrinsically shatterproof, solving the degradation problems caused by micro cracks which plague all silicon-based solar panels. This new application is another demonstration of how future vehicles can incorporate solar power to achieve energy independence.” – Dr. Jie Zhang, CEO of MiaSole Hi-Tech Corp.

About Renault Trucks
Renault Trucks is a French truck manufacturer that designs, builds, and distributes transportation solutions that meet the needs of freight operators worldwide. Built on their legacy of more than a century of innovative French truck know-how, Renault Trucks offers commercial vehicle users a large selection of services (distribution, construction, long-distance deliverables) and vehicles (from 3.1 to 120T). For more information on Renault Trucks, please visit

About Solar Cloth Systems
Solar Cloth Systems is an R&D company that specializes in developing tailor-made solutions for embedding flexible photovoltaics. Solar Cloth’s mission is to end pollution and have less impact on our environment by developing flexible solar technology for a greener world. For more information about Solar Cloth Systems, please visit

About MiaSole
MiaSole Hi-Tech Corp. is a total solution provider of rollable shatterproof thin film solar technology. MiaSole’s proprietary turnkey equipment lines, CIGS process technologies, CIG sputtering target technologies, advanced automation and spare parts services provide customers everything they need to produce their own innovative high-efficiency solar products. Founded in 2004, MiaSole has evolved into the world leader in thin-film solar module efficiency and offers the largest commercially available rollable shatterproof solar modules up to 540w/piece at weight 2.2 kg/sqm. For more information on MiaSole, please visit

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