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MiaSolé and TRAILAR continue their Joint Global Partnership, Offering Market Leading Solar Transportation Solutions
Santa Clara, CA, USA – April 10, 2024 – MiaSolé, a Silicon Valley pioneer and global leader in
CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide) technology, has announced the continuation of its
strategic partnership with TRAILAR, a key player in the transportation industry for over 10
years. The collaboration continues to enhance the accessibility of MiaSolé’s cutting-edge
flexible solar innovations worldwide, particularly across the United Kingdom.
This partnership leverages MiaSolé’s expertise in flexible and rollable solar innovations, with
over 100 issued US patents and over 20 years of R&D from the heart of California’s Silicon
Valley. Through this collaboration, TRAILAR extends access to MiaSolé’s unparalleled CIGS
technology to discerning customers across the United Kingdom and worldwide.
TRAILAR’s solutions have been installed to over 10,000 vehicles across five continents,
offering fuel, emissions, and maintenance savings. The company’s dedication to solar in
transport provides a bespoke system engineered specifically for vehicles, supported by 2
patents and years of independent validation. TRAILAR’s end-to-end solar solutions not only
deliver significant savings but also contribute to the environmental goals of transportation
companies worldwide.
MiaSolé’s CIGS technology represents the pinnacle of thin film solar efficiency, offering a
unique combination of properties that other solar technologies cannot match. MiaSolé’s
solar panels are not only shatterproof and lightweight but also incredibly flexible, shade
tolerant, and powerful. This innovative blend of features makes MiaSolé’s solar panels ideal
for a wide range of applications, from curved and moving surfaces to environments with
limited space in the transportation industry.
Mr. Denny Hulme, CEO of TRAILAR, commented: “While other companies have attempted to
replicate and catch up with MiaSolé’s CIGS technology, our partnership ensures that
TRAILAR’s customers receive the original authentic, superior quality CIGS modules.
MiaSolé’s solar panels are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions while
maintaining high efficiency levels. Their anti-shading properties enabled by patented
technologies ensure superior performance even in partial shading and vibrating scenarios, a
challenge that traditional solar technologies and those imitating CIGS struggle with.”
“Electrifying vehicles has been a global trend, and CIGS leaves less than 50% of the carbon
footprint than that generated by silicon-based technologies. It’s intuitive and logical to
enable every vehicle to harvest the energy from the sun and put it to use with less CO2
emissions. MiaSolé continues to focus on VIPV applications utilizing our unique patented
designs. The distinguishing factor of the long-term partnership between TRAILAR and
MiaSolé lies in the integration of technology know-how, craftsmanship, product reliability,
and commitment to excellence that define MiaSolé’s CIGS modules and TRAILAR’s total
solutions.” said Dr. Jie Zhang, CEO of MiaSolé.
For more information about MiaSolé and its innovative solar solutions, visit Learn more about TRAILAR and its transportation solar solutions at

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