MiaSolé is solar made simple. Our FLEX series high performance thin-film solar modules are lightweight, flexible and powerful and provide an excellent solar solution to retrofit TPO and metal roofs, carports, landfill and reservoir covers, and curved structures. These modules can be directly bonded to many surfaces, including metal and TPO roof systems—easing installation and eliminating the need for solar racking, which reduces weight load and the need to reinforce structures.

For today’s advanced TPO roof systems, the FLEX modules bond directly onto the TPO roof system, eliminating the need for solar racking, concrete ballasts, and roof penetrations. Integration of the low profile, thin film modules onto the TPO roof surface protects against seismic movement and high winds. The MiaSolé FLEX modules simplify project logistics and reduce labor costs and installation times. The final installed solar solution is lightweight, making it ideal for low-weight-bearing building structures. In addition, the flexible module can conform to curved structures, expanding the range of surfaces suitable for solar installations.

For metal roofs, the FLEX series PV modules can be installed over a wide range of standard architectural metal roof panels, including flat panel pans ranging from 16 to 36 inches wide.

For carports, the modules bond directly to 7.2 corrugated metal panels and standing-seam metal roofing, and are resistant to wind and seismic events. Because they are lightweight, carports do not need to be reinforced to support the solar installation.

For landfill covers and reservoir covers, the modules can bond to the membrane surface using peel-and-stick technology. Because they are flexible, they can conform to the uneven surface of a landfill and easily accommodate differential settling. They are also lightweight, enabling them to float easily on reservoir covers.

For curved structures such as light poles and curved roof surfaces, MiaSole FLEX modules conform to the surface and preserve the aesthetic of the structure.

Additional Information:

Brochure: FLEX-02 for TPO Roofs
Brochure: FLEX-02 for Metal Roofs
Brochure: FLEX-02 for Carports
Brochure: FLEX-02 for Landfill Covers
Brochure: FLEX-02 for Reservoir Covers
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Case Study: BlueCoat—FLEX on Metal Roof
Case Study: ClearWorld LED Lighting

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