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Today, PDE-5 inhibitors are included in the recommendations of both the European Association of Urology and the American Urological Association as drugs that can be used in men with urinary disorders due to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). This is due to the fact that PDE-5 inhibitors reduce the severity of moderate and severe storage-excretory symptoms of impaired urination in men with or without erectile dysfunction. But only Cialis at a dosage of 5 mg is registered for the treatment of men with symptoms of impaired urination. It received FDA approval in 2012 as a daily drug for BPH.

For the treatment of urination disorders on the background of BPH, constant exposure, long-term inhibition of type 5 phosphodiesterase is required. In the United States and other countries, Tadalafil is now registered for both the treatment of ED and urinary disorders.

Tadalafil can be equally effective in patients with ED and urination disorders, and in patients with urination disorder, but without erectile dysfunction.

Cialis generics play an important role in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia and disruption of the urinary tract associated with this.

Alpha-blockers are the standard of care for BPH because they are fast-acting, highly effective, and have low incidence and severity of side effects. They can be taken by patients of any age. However, a significant drawback of these drugs, especially highly selective ones, is the presence of such a side effect as retrograde ejaculation. Despite the fact that doctors inform patients about the possibility of such a complication, it is quite common for men taking this therapy to stop or interrupt it due to complaints about this condition. Meanwhile, PDE-5 inhibitors are the only group of drugs that prevent the symptoms of BPH, as well as effectively reduce prostate volume.

Tadalafil reduces prostate volume by approximately 18-25% when used for 2-4 years. Moreover, the larger the prostate volume in patients, the more pronounced the effect of PDE-5 treatment.

Most patients who are faced with such an unpleasant condition as prostate adenoma and associated symptoms of the lower urinary tract, as well as erectile dysfunction, in the vast majority of cases are looking for a way to buy cheap Cialis generics, because long-term treatment with a branded medicine can afford units. Before the appearance on the world pharmaceutical market of affordable generics based on Tadalafil, which are produced in India, Canada, Hungary, Slovakia and other countries, taking Cialis on a daily basis was not even considered as a method of treating BPH due to the high cost of the original drug. Fortunately, today this problem can be solved in just a few mouse clicks by placing an order for any number of generic Cialis tablets in large international and national online pharmacies.

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